Ternary Operator '?'

Sometimes we need to assign variable value depending on a condition, for example:

let permission;
let age = Number(prompt('How old are you?'));

if (age > 13) {
  permission = "Yes, please enter";
} else {
  permission = "Sorry, you are not old enough to enter";


JavaScript has a conditional(ternary) operator to assign a variable depending on a condition.

Ternary Operator Syntax

variableName = (condition) ? value1 : value2

If the condition is true, take value1, else take value2.

We can do the above example in a simpler way:

let age = prompt('How old are you?');

let pass = (age > 13) ? "Yes, please enter." : "Sorry, you can not enter.";


CodeCraft Visual

Build columns representing a number array. Based on a condition, we can build different color columns for different numbers:

Bigger than 5?

If the number is smaller than 5, use 'box_blue', else use 'box_red' as the material value.

let arr = [3,5,2,8,10, 4,6];
for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
  let material = (arr[i] < 5) ? 'box_blue' : 'box_red';
  column(i, -20, arr[i], material);

Even or Odd?

If we change the condition: let material = (arr[i] % 2 == 0) ? "box_blue" : "box_red";

then we can build blue columns for even numbers and red columns for odd numbers.

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