Application in CodeCraft

An array of all red materials

In this example we use an array to store all materials that are red, then build a column with those materials.

// Red blocks

let redBlocks = ['box_red', 'linen_red', 'redstone'];

for (let i = 0; i < redBlocks.length; i++) {
  block_m(0, i + 1, -10, redBlocks[i]);

Array of arrays

An element in an array can itself be an array. In this example, we created an array called blocks that stores arrays containing the coordinates and materials of various blocks in this format: [x, y, z, m]

blocks = [[2, 4, -9, 56], [2, 2, -9, 56], [3, 3, -10, 59], [4, 2, -9, 56], [4, 4, -9, 56]] 

for (let b of blocks) {
  block_m(b[0], b[1], b[2], b[3]);

See the picture below. We built 4 red blocks and a yellow block in the middle. Their location and material values [x, y, z, m] are stored in blocks as five number arrays. Variable b in the for loop represents each array within blocks.

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